Once all the information provided has been read, we advise the user that, if you continue browsing this website without having configured your browsers to prevent the installation of cookies used by it, in the terms included in article 22.2 of Law 34 / 2002 of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, according to the wording of the same given by RD 13/2012 of March 30, will be giving their consent for the use of cookies.

This Cookies Policy may be modified whenever changes occur in the configuration and / or use of the same. We will always keep the updated version published on this website, stating its update date at the bottom of this page.

General information to the user: Definition and function of cookies.


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s computer or device when accessing a web page in order to allow storing and retrieving information about the browsing habits of the user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and in the way you use your equipment, they can be used to recognize a User.

In the same way, cookies also allow to establish levels of protection and security with the aim of hindering cyberattacks against the website or against our users.

They also allow us to collect statistical and anonymous data that allows us to improve your browsing experience; as well as advertising segmented or adapted to your interests.


Exempt cookies: These are cookies on which it is not legally necessary to inform or obtain consent for their use. These are cookies that allow communication between the user’s equipment and the network, as well as those that strictly provide a service expressly requested by the user, such as:

  • User input cookies.
  • Authentication or user identification cookies (session authentication).
  • User security cookies.
  • Multimedia player session cookies.
  • Session cookies to balance the load.
  • Cookies to personalize the user interface.
  • Complement cookies (complement) to exchange social content.

Depending on who is the entity that manages the computer or domain from which cookies are sent and treats the data obtained, cookies can be:

Own cookies: They are sent to the user’s equipment, device or terminal from a computer or domain managed by the owner of the web and from which the service managed by the user is provided. The cookies installed from a computer or domain managed by the person responsible for the web are not considered own cookies, but the information collected through cookies is managed by a third party.

Third-party cookies: They are sent to the user’s equipment, device or terminal from a computer or domain not managed by the owner of the website, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

Session cookies: Designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are usually used to store information that only interests to keep for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion. They are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the web page, so none is recorded on the user’s hard drive. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze traffic patterns on the web. Ultimately, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve the content of the web and facilitate its usability.

Persistent cookies: They are those in which the data is still stored in the equipment, device or terminal, and which can be accessed and processed by the person responsible for the cookie, for a certain time that can range from minutes to several years. They are stored on the hard disk and the web detects them every time the user makes a new visit. A persistent cookie has a specific expiration date. The cookie will stop working after that date. They are generally used to facilitate, for example, registration services.

Depending on the purpose for which the data obtained through cookies is processed, we will find:

Technical cookies: They allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and use the different options or services that exist in it, such as, for example, identifying the session, accessing parts with restricted access; make the request for registration or participation in an event; use security elements during navigation; store content for the broadcast of videos or sound; or share content through social networks, identify when a human or an automated application is browsing, etc.

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the web, such as those that serve for correct navigation or to ensure that the content of the web page loads efficiently.

Personalization cookies: They allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics based on a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as the language; the type of browser through which you access the service; the regional configuration from where you access the service, etc.

These cookies allow you to configure the website so that it is displayed in a certain way according to user preferences, such as the language or design of the content.

Analysis cookies: They allow the person responsible for the cookies to monitor and analyze the behavior of the users of the websites to which they are installed, for example, to measure the activity of the websites (information on the type of navigation that is carrying out, the sections that it uses the most, consulted services, time slot of use, language, etc.), and for the elaboration of navigation profiles of the users of said sites in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of usage data that users of the service do.

These types of cookies are used to track traffic on this website for statistical purposes and completely anonymously in order to improve the way I can approach the information offered.

Advertising cookies: They allow the management of advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the editor has included in a web page, application or platform based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency in which the ads are displayed.

Behavioral advertising cookies: They are those that allow the management of advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the editor has included in a web page, application or platform and that store information on user behavior obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, allowing them to develop a specific profile based on which to show them advertising.

Cookies used by this Website and its purpose

Dosp Consulting Ingenieros Consultores S.L., the owner of the domain of this site states that this website, as of the date of updating this cookie policy, uses the following categories of cookies:

Cookie nameTypeSubtypeAccount holderPurposeDuration
CONSENTTechnicalThird-party cookie.gstatic.comCookies acceptance function on websites.

For more information see

cookie_notice_acceptedTechnicalOwn cookiedospconsulting.comCookie acceptance function on websites1 month
_gaAnalyticalThird-party cookieGoogle Analytics for dospconsulting.comIt is used to distinguish users.

For more information see:

2 years
_gidAnalyticalThird-party cookieGoogle Analytics for dospconsulting.comIt is used to distinguish users.

For more information see:

24 hours
_gat_gtag_UA_AnalyticalThird-party cookieGoogle Analytics for dospconsulting.comIt is used to limit the percentage of requests.

For more information see:



Cookies can be installed for various purposes: to carry out analysis or measurement of visits and web browsing; for advertising purposes; to provide a service expressly requested by the user; to allow communication between the user’s equipment and the network, as in the case of user input cookies, authentication cookies or user identification (only for login); user security cookies; media player session cookies; session cookies to balance the load; cookies for personalization of the user interface; plug-in cookies to exchange content on social networks; cookies for shopping cart functionality; cookies to fill out a form.


Since cookies are not strictly necessary to navigate this website, the user can block or disable them, totally or partially, through the configuration of the options of their Internet browser. All browsers allow changes to cookie settings.

As a user, you have the possibility to revoke the consent given for the use of cookies by Dosp at any time, by configuring your browser. To disable cookies by modifying your browser settings, you can follow the instructions specified by each browser:

Also, if you do not want your data to be collected with Google Analytics, you can install its browser disablement plugin. More information here.

Finally, the user can go to the Your Online Choices portal where, in addition to finding useful information, they can configure, provider by provider, their preferences for third-party advertising cookies.


Dosp may update and modify this Cookies Policy based on new requirements of the applicable regulations or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


Dosp Consulting Ingenieros Consultores S.L. is not responsible for the content, the veracity, or the update of the privacy policies that the third parties mentioned in this cookie policy may have.

Web browsers are the tools in charge of storing cookies and it is from these sites that you must exercise your right to eliminate or deactivate them.

Dosp Consulting Ingenieros Consultores S.L. cannot guarantee the correct or incorrect treatment of cookies by the aforementioned browsers.

In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision not to accept them.

Dosp Consulting Ingenieros Consultores S.L. will update the hyperlinks provided in this cookie policy on a regular basis. However, at times, these may not correspond to the latest version published by the developer of each browser.

It may happen that some cookies used on this website are not related to an express action by Dosp. This is because some pages of the website have inserted content from third-party websites. Because, in this case, the referred content comes from another website, Dosp is not responsible for the configuration control of said cookies.

If you want to change your cookie configuration preferences, you should consult the websites of these third parties to obtain information, according to the information provided above.
If you want to have more control over the installation of cookies, you can install programs or add-ons to your browser, known as “Do Not Track” tools, which will allow you to choose the cookies you want to allow.
For any questions or queries about this cookie policy do not hesitate to contact us through the following email:


Responsible for the treatment: Dosp Consulting Ingenieros Consultores S.L. Purpose: Management and response to requests and commercial communications. Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, request their portability, oppose the treatment, request its limitation and withdraw consent.